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Emma Stone Actress's Pictures/Images,Profile & Bio

Emma Stone
Famous as : Actress
Birth Name : Emily Jean Stone
Birth Date : November 06, 1988
Birth Place : Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Claim to fame : As Amelia in "The Rocker" (2008)

Short Bio:
 Emma Stone's desire to be an actress began at a young age. As a child, her parents enrolled her at the Valley Youth Theatre near their Scottsdale, Arizona home. At age 11, Stone made her stage debut starring in The Wind in the Willows and would go on to star in over a dozen more productions at the youth theatre. The physically stunning actress Emma Stone first made her mark among Americanaudiences as an ingenue, via her involvement in the frat-boy comedy Superbad (2007). The movie told of a couple of geeky misfit teenagers who reveal their desperation to join the "in" clique by bringing alcohol to a local party. Prior to that, Stone was a member of the cast of the extremely short-lived /action-adventure series Drive, a kind of amalgam of Vanishing_Point, Death_Race_2000, and Two-Lane Blacktop, about a group of motley misfits recruited to participate in a life-or-death cross-country race. emma stone glamour emma stone superbad emma stone zombieland emma stone house bunny emma stone gqanna faris.

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