Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kareena kapoor in Candy Ad-Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs

Kareena kapoor
Slow yet steady Kareena Kapoor who made a slow start is amongst the top Bollywood actresses today. She has definitely made a mark and proved herself beautiful, elegant and stylish which was may be more than enough to impress confectionary major Perfetti Van Melle to sign her as a brand ambassador.

 Kareena has set new trends throwing the older ones out be it in terms of style or Bollywood actresses. She has replaced actress Kajol from Perfetti brand endorsements. The actress will now feature in ‘Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs’ ads and also in all several mobile and internet campaigns.

 This would be Kareena’s first venture with a confectionary brand. The commercial was shot by film maker Ravi Udyawar. The animated crocodile in the previous ads is replaced with a bear.

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